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Never Alone

You Never Walked Alone

" I didn't know how I made it".

"I thought that was my end until things start to change for the better."

"I was so hurt and feeling abandoned I couldn't move on. Thank God I came out better after all."

"I needed to survive that's all I knew and I did!

I survived!"


Many of us can identify with one or more of the statements above. In our many vulnerabilities as humans, none of us can pass this life totally wound free. We all are vulnerable. To be vulnerable means being capable or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.

As we walk our walks in this life journey, we all get wounded somewhere along the way, we all have gotten hurt somewhere in the path-some more than others.

There is a promise of persistent presence that stays with us through this life. Jesus made the promise:

" And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

When we felt we cannot move on any longer but suddenly realized we were no longer in the exact predicament, what could have changed? The hope that was previously nowhere suddenly started to glimmer from somewhere, how did it happen? As far as you were aware, there was just you stuck in a dark challenging situation and yet somehow you noticed your situational things are starting to look better for you.

There is a promise of spiritual companionship for each of us, a promise of unseen and true fellowship and friendship, this promise made evidently true during the hardest times of our lives, a promise of help we recognized to be true when situation start to favor us- that in the midst of us being stuck in the waiting there seemed to be a force that subtly changed things particularly for us and in favor of us and thereby making our situation new and bearably better.


We all get wounded

We all get hurt

We call it life.

Forget not the past

Look back and remember

Look now and consider

Look ahead and beyond

There was hope

There is hope

There will always be hope.

We never walked alone

We never will

It is a promise made

by Someone

faithful and true.

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