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Each of us is unique in our own way.  You are unique, one of a kind and no other person is exactly like you.  When you try to be someone you are not, it is a way of telling yourself “you are not okay”.  When you try to act, speak and live other than who you are in the moment, you are (consciously or unconsciously) telling your inner self “move to the side, make room for someone else’s identity.”  Isn’t this lacking of self-love?  And of a healthy self-compassion?  Many times we see people “adopting” other people’s mannerisms, style, accents and beliefs.  We encourage self-improvement.  There is always room for self-growth.  We can learn and grow from our own experiences and this without hurting or abandoning our inner and true self.


There is only one you and there must be a purpose for that, a purpose that can only be served and fulfilled by the one true you.  Your identity shape- the combination of your life experiences, knowledge and emotions- is the exact puzzle piece needed to satisfy a different and specially unfilled puzzle space.  To try to fashion yourself to become similar with other pieces of the puzzle is self-defeating for the purposes of the whole piece.


Every breathing functioning being on Earth- plants, animals and humans are contributing at a singular level for and to something that is wholly and collectively more vast and far superior.


Without a doubt I will argue that life is much easier when you are true to yourself. It is only when you are self-true that you can genuinely and effectively self-express.  Confidence will arise and increase when you start embracing and start expressing your beautiful unique being.  Such confidence will lead you to making better and more self-aware decisions; this will ultimately make the true you an improved version of yourself.  People appreciate self-authenticity.  Eventually you will attract the right people into your life.


You are unique; your uniqueness makes you the most beautiful person among the rest.  There is an estimated 7 billion- plus people on our planet and there is really only one you-you are spectacularly beautiful!


Do not run away from the purpose of your uniqueness.  Together with other self-true unique individuals, we become a very beautiful masterpiece.

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