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So there you are, faced with the need to make a decision you wish you don’t need to make. Fortunately or unfortunately for you, life is all that, on the other hand, life is not all that.

On one side, life is all that- series of making decisions, big, small and in between. On the other side, life is not all just that- every so often we find ourselves necessarily needing to make a kind of life altering choice, take an unusual course of action like career change, ending a relationship, beginning a relationship, starting a family, relocating to a new city, the list could just go on. You maybe feeling helpless in the face of your so many what ifs that finally the decision you made is “not to make a decision” tentatively and indefinitely.

Indecision is a form of coping mechanism when the indecisive decision maker is faced with a very difficult decision to make. While actual decisions whether good or bad surely bring their own consequences so is your indecision. Indecision can lead to more agonizing pains than actual decisions themselves. The emotional clutters of worry and anxiety brought by indecision could negatively impact a person’s quality of life and well being.

Indecision is not a wise decision.

Our decisions are exhibits of our emotions. Our most basic human emotions are love and fear- all other sub-emotions come from either our love reservoir or our fear reservoir (please check our love and fear blog on the t-shirt “choose in the direction of love).

Not the same by any measure love conquers fear. Fear is a losing drive, love is a powerful will of action. Fear hesitates love acts.

Good and evil are another opposite poles that are sure in display when we make our decisions. What really is good and what really is evil? It is beyond possible to satisfactorily cover facts of good and evil in just one blog like this one especially if we bring in the origin of the existence of the good and evil in the divine creation. For a more simplistic approach let’s bring our focus more on the psychological view of good and evil.

Good is characterized by the lack of self-centeredness; the ability to feel compassion and empathy for others; being able to inconvenience self to bring convenience to the more vulnerable is a good act while evil choices are those that lack empathy, are selfish and purely self-serving.

Less of self is more for the self when we decide on the side of good. Doing good may appear inconvenient and self-sacrificing but what we feel immediately proves otherwise- there are the immediate rewards of the rush of positive feelings of joy, purpose and a sense of power to have been able to bring a positive change (please check our t-shirt blog on “kindness, a beautiful power”). Good always prevails over evil. The whole cosmos only operates on the good. Choosing to do evil is choosing to alienate self from the collective goodness of the whole system. Choosing to decide on the good both for self and for others is choosing harmony and participation with the already established collective goodness of the whole.

Choose wisely. When choices and decisions are calling to be made, let’s make one- a decision that is consciously soulful that exhibits good and not evil; love and not fear. A life designed by the conscious choices of good and love is a life that is happy and thriving, far better than just surviving and while indecision might work like a temporary remedy, a soulful decision is a solution, plain and simple.

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