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Kindness...a beautiful power

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

What is a major component at work when we are showing genuine acts of kindness?

Nothing less than power.

The kind of power that is self-manifesting, affectual and strong yet sympathetically gentle. Showing kindness takes courage. Sometimes it is an internal battle of whether to show kindness or just don't bother, intentionally ignore and move on with your day. Then there's also the unsettling concern about how your kindness might be perceived or received. Some people see acts of kindness as demonstrations of weakness. This is inaccurate.

Opposite from being weak a kind person is in fact exhibiting power by acting to positively influence a needing condition to help make it better. Our kindness doesn't mean resolving someone's hardship but it does mean to a degree lightening someone's adversity. Kindness is a good feel favor experienced on both ends- a warm feeling of joy on the giver and a great encouragement on the receiver. While there are people who'd rather close their eyes on the needs of others, gladly there are also those who pause to contemplate how to be of help- the latter being a form of overcoming a challenging situation and therefore a manifestation of power- a kind of power that is beautiful to witness.

There is almost always a need for kindness in everywhere and in everyone and you can always begin somewhere from within you- your very own self.

Be kind and show kindness to yourself.

Treat your body right. Be gently truthful to yourself (avoid deceiving your internal self). Give yourself the self-love and the self-compassion it so deserves. I need to mention that self-compassion is not self-pity. Self-compassion is kindness to one's self, self-pity is unkindness. Self-compassion is self-edifying, self-pity is self-sabotaging.

Be kind to yourself. Do the things that make you feel happy and valued. Reward yourself.

Then in the midst of your self-kindness you can also show kindness to others- and the way kindness works, the reward comes back to you forthwith.

Consider being consciously kind to others. Set yourself up and ready for random acts of kindness. Almost everyday and almost everywhere opportunities arise where we can act in kindness for other people (and other beings). A friendly hello, a genuine smile, taking time to wish someone to have a great day are generous acts of kindness that can go a long way to delight someone's day.

Let us all be kind

we people of the world!

To ourselves and to others

Let us all be kind!

Allow this beautiful power


manifest where you may be

And may your part of the world

be richly beautified

by your own acts of kindness!

Happy Kinding All!

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