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Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room:

Are some people just born stupid? NO

Are some people stupid? YES

By deductive reasoning let’s elaborate the NO answer. No one is naturally born stupid. Let’s reason…deductively:

All individuals were born babies.

Every born baby is born blank slate.

Born blank slate is born not smart and not stupid.

Therefore every individual is born not stupid.

Simply put, everyone started life clean slate- clean slate and fully equipped for the use in the development day after day. Greatly convinced I am that no one entered Earth already wise or already stupid. For clarity, our mentions of being wise and/or being stupid are not of an IQ matter but of life and way of living, not to tell apart the poor and the rich but the peacefully untroubled and the turbulently broken.

Understandably it is not in the person’s control or choosing to be born in a certain family and environment- at least not until the age of full accountability. Upon reaching the age of full accountability we alone are the ones responsible for our actions and the outcomes associated with those actions. Anyone can be influenced by someone’s wisdom or someone’s stupidity yet even so those two are not genetically inherited.

No one became wise or stupid overnight. People evolve to the way of wisdom or to the way of stupidity. Each person goes through the sequence of choosing, acting on, experiencing an outcome, liking or disliking the experience of such an outcome and finally either repeat or evolve-for better or for worse. Somewhere in the pattern the wise will find learning, evolve and get wiser- he/she will be found making more informed choices under similar situations next time around while the stupid will repeat the process unknowingly, remain unlearned except that he/she feels the toll of the undesirable outcomes and yet he/she would act similarly consequently for the same or worse result next time around. There is growth and thriving in the contemplative process of the wise, stagnation and decline in the lazy neglectful pattern of the stupid.

If life is characterized as the world and societies around a person, such life would even be harder for the stubbornly unlearned. Majority of people in this material world are in defense mode. For their own survival many people are selfish, self-centered and untrue (or hypocrites).

Life is made to thrive. As in nature, a person’s life is for a beautiful thriving. For this hope we all get excited when a new life is born. There is always a beautiful promise of future for young lives. Life and time are one together yet be mindful that time is unattached of anyone’s life’s ambition. In its own pace, life and time will keep moving… forward and together. The wise will not be caught in surprise to ask where time went but the simple minded, the dull and the stupid will be caught unaware like a sleeping shrimp carried away by the current, sometimes leading to their own destruction. The tides of life are almost always found to be against the unaware and the virtuously unarmed.

Seek and find wisdom. Choose wisdom. Life is beautiful but it can be hard in the absence of wisdom.

Proverbs 19:8

The one who gets wisdom loves life;

The one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.

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