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WISE SOCIETEE…seeds of wisdom

WST front back.png

Each time we release a Wise Societee company logo design, it is our opportunity to spread seeds of wisdom just for wisdom sake.

Here now…spreading the seeds…


In different fashions and degrees of companionship there is an innate need in all of us for other human beings.  We rely on one another for help in fulfilling our life purposes and to thrive on those purposes.  Metaphorically we create our own islands: we want to get married; we start a business, we organize an event and so on.  In all our self-created islands there is so much space to fill in and surely we want like minded people to join us-for no man is an island entire of itself.  Community living is designed for human beings.  Even just being in a crowd oftentimes puts us on a better mood and enhances our sense of well being- whether or not we knew anyone in the crowd.  To me this proves the power of community.  Introvert or extrovert we are social beings, we are wired to connect to each other.  Cautioned in wisdom, let us reach out and connect with other people today!

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