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love exclusive

Love exclusive!

The dating world concludes that two individuals consistently dating have made themselves (directly or indirectly) exclusive to one another, such usually happens after around six dates.


In all intentionality this love exclusive design goes beyond numbers and data. Represented by a lock and a key this love exclusive design suggests oneness in the name of love. It is a love relationship oneness where two separate items are drawn together in the intimacy of love and together they become one, one entity in the grand totality of life-inside and outside of bedroom.

A true love relationship oneness is not to be mistaken with a co-dependency relationship (adulterated) oneness where two individuals come together or decided to stay together for life in the absence of the authentic intimate love but for the supposed evaluated greater benefits of being together other than for the affectionate love. Some reasons could be of the social and financial nature, to some it's about being already settled in with a co-dependency relationship and therefore the fear of the unknown is truly a big FEAR,(I am not advocating divorce, divorce cannot be generalized, it's a case by case basis. I am not for it nor against it, but I do stand for self-awareness when someone is in relationship- continue being self-aware and know of the lifetime and eternal impact of decisions we make).

Co-dependency is a fear based relationship. Love eliminates fear. Co-dependency relationships survive on selfishness. True love only lives and thrives on selflessness. It is in this selflessness that the couple become one. In the act of selflessness a space is made so the other could fill in complementarily. Love being so pure has no place in a fearful self-centered co-dependency relationships.

Love is a huge territory of power. In its own massiveness it can almost be incomprehensible at times. Some have known love better by realizing what love is not.

What love is not?

Love is not a qualifier of person. Simply spoken, romantic love is for anyone (although not for everyone). As vague as it sounds, love is clearly identifiable when true love is in action:

True love is unconditional. It goes beyond the reasons of the mind. This is not to say that love bears no reason- on the contrary love sees more reasons that for those reasons love continues and endures through life.

Something that is true lingers-simply because it is true. Love when true doesn't just go away. It settles itself in and almost annoyingly even when you want it to disappear. It makes itself home and exclusive. Exclusivity in a true love relationship is beyond just loyalty. While loyalty is a good thing it doesn't characterize the love found in a love based exclusivity-- faithfulness does. If it is true love it is effortlessly faithful and faithfully exclusive, effortlessly that such faithfulness need no Hollywood theatrics to be convincing of others.

When can we genuinely call something "love"?

Call it love when instead of fading away it keeps growing - on both sides- in the highs and the lows. Call it love when you dare to look and call it for what it is because love is not blind but accepting of each other's flaws. Call it love when you care deeply enough to correct and to rebuke (gently of course) rather than to tolerate. Call it love when it can endure, when it can forgive. When it is true love it will last a lifetime of joy and pleasure in the exclusivity of each other's physical, emotional and spiritual reality.

To conclude:

True love is inclusive of each other

True love is exclusive for each other

True love is not being the number one

True love is being the only one.

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