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wise socieTee
Spirit high!
Never Alone
love exclusive
I am loved
journey of love

Love above all

Love superior over all

Love is a king servant.

Mighty yet gentle

Able to enable

Love is a king servant.

Love transforms every sorrow

to a blissful heart of joy.

Love fills the frightened hearts

with peace untroubled.

Love makes one move

in beautiful compassion,

in the presence of love

one finds home.

Love chaperones his own.

Ferocious against injustice

love is unbending defending.

In love there is restoration

In love there is rest for the oppressed.

Love is a truth seeking cause

a light birthing force

in all seats of darkness.

Love eliminates fear

Love sets free

every soul frozen by fear.

If I am called to battle

against world's strife and hostilities

May love in its name

find me equipped.

Love be ye my reason to engage

Love be ye my weapon to battle. 

Love doesn't lose wars

Mighty and immortal

Love is unceasing.

Like a mighty wind

like a persistent water

Love will continue

and forever

Love will live.

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