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Mistakes are flawed discernment, an error in judgment, an inappropriate act.  Mostly they occur

Mistakes are not failures but stubborn repeated mistakes could lead to failure at some point.  The only resolve for mistakes not becoming a failure is by learning from those mistakes and turn them to be stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.  Stepping stones will take you to a higher purpose and bigger goals, stumbling blocks will put you down and impede you from progress.


Mistakes sometimes are just another challenge so a necessary change could take place.  Learning from our mistakes is like meeting face to face an opportunity (not the adversity).  When we realize we made mistakes we can reframe those mistakes to be opportunities we can learn and develop from. Deal with mistakes as opportunities to see other things we would have not seen otherwise.  Mastering the art of learning from our mistakes assures us of true and consistent growing.  Mistakes are also opportunities to self-reflect.  By self-reflecting you get to know yourself and your core values more deeply and you become a better person relationally. 

Consider how a particular life journey led to an unwanted outcome.  What could be the error/errors you made along the way?  Learn the lessons.  Put them in practice. 

Easier said than done.

Of course.  But would you rather re-live the same mistakes and continue to be contributory to ab undesirable result?  Maybe not.

It’s okay to make mistakes

When we learn from them 

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