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journey of love

Journey of Love

Love is an active feeling. From being in love comes the continuous feeling of cheerful giving and joyful receiving-an ongoing journey of give and take between the lover and the loved.

There is the power of love both in the giving and in the receiving. In the eyes of love, not one is greater than the other- the one giving is not greater than the one receiving, and so is in the reverse.

This journey of love shirt is one of the two ChariTees of the Living Loving series. ChariTees are products offered every series where full profits are donated to our local and global charity ministry partners.

Human race is fundamentally an absolute one no matter how many times people try to divide or subdivide. There is a universal oneness in the humankind where member beings share commonalities of internal and external designs, elements of needs and emotions, absolute sameness of truths of our anatomical existence or inexistence. Our commonalities hopefully make us realize that helping others is helping ourselves too. There are pains and needs for help in many parts of the world and we implore our Wise SocieTee friends and customers to consider being a humanity lover and act on the needs when opportunities to help arise. Your purchase of this journey of love shirt will help create ripple effects of love and goodness towards people in need. We need bigger waves to create positive changes and every ripple effect counts.

Take on this journey of love with us, let's give and share portions of our blessings. Profits from your purchase of this shirt are fully donated.

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