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Simply wishing a person well (stranger or not) can do wonders to improve our mood.  In the magnifying lens of love, this “wishing everyone well” is a form of self-love.  Sincerely wishing someone beautiful things in life is a generous act of openness. 

Some human behavior studies suggest that speaking blessings over people whether you approve them or not, you personally like them or not, ones you hang out with or prefer distancing yourself from- wishing everyone good things makes you happy (or happier).   This elated feeling as it sets in reduces the person’s feeling of stress and anxiety; consequently it boosts the individual’s sense of well being.

As I write this blog, I think of you dear someone to be reading this piece.  Not knowing who you are exactly, here I am reducing my stress by wishing you the very best I can wish for you.


I wish you more open ways of finding joys and laughters

I wish you more life living of each day

I wish you more time to pause and appreciate

the countless beauties all around you.

I wish you more time to spend with people you love

I wish you more and increasing faith

I wish you more abundance of hopes

I wish you greater deeper peace

I wish you more courage and be more comfortable with it

I wish you more growing than fixing

I wish you even greater growing in the fixing

I wish you more open doors and more open windows

And that you see them all welcoming you

I wish you more welcomes than goodbyes

when goodbyes are inevitable.

I wish you more exciting times

I wish you more freshly picked flowers

I wish you more of your heart’s delights


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