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I am loved

I am loved

The image of the Cross is a reflection of the immeasurable love of God.

I am loved, and so are you.

God's love for us as displayed on the Cross shows of the value he has for us-truthfully more than the value we oftentimes give ourselves.

There are times when we find ourselves that we don't care of the danger or possible negative outcomes of our choices and actions. We tend to believe that if our actions turn out to be wrong it is just us to suffer consequences and not anyone else. The truth is: when we are very willing to hurt ourselves, we are more than willing to hurt those who love us and we love. Love is the core and the foundation from which all other beautiful emotions we feel in relationship come from. Happy relationships are founded and thrive on love. People in happy relationships know that they are loved. Knowing that we are loved gives us the feeling of self-worth.

We all need love. We all want to be loved. One can be so smart and so talented but without knowing and feeling of being loved, one would still find self to be lacking, wanting, wandering and struggling. Continued this way will result to a life lived in brokenness.

For those of us who believe in the love of Jesus, aren't we glad of this certainty that we are immeasurably loved? Jesus who died on the Cross is the greatest story of love there is.  Such love is very personal and is for every one.

Would you accept his love for you?

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