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Let me start from the last two big words above “learning experience.’  From day one of our lives we were already learners.  Babies are born ready to learn.  Through everyday experience of interactions with their environment babies’ brain develops.  Do babies fail before learning?  Certainly.   Babies that are starting to walk fall a few times until they finally recognize a steadier gait pattern, their physical balance and coordination of their muscles.  In the process of learning to walk their motor skills develop stronger and so is their learning of correct walking increases.  Quite frankly, there isn’t an age when learning stops.

Fast forward to adulthood, failure now comes with the dreaded bearing of the aftermath of failure more than the

opportunity to learn greatly from failure.  The fear of failing is understandable but this should not stop anyone from aiming higher.  It is only by consistent learning that we can do better, achieve higher, and get a deeper sense of purpose to the point of realizing our gifts and talents-somewhere in between these good things are failures.

If there’s one thing that failure evidently shows is your courage.  It takes a courageous spirit for a person to persevere on the path in trying to achieve a desired goal. (Please don’t mistake persevering with stubbornness.  Perseverance is a virtue contributing to the achievement of a goal while stubbornness is senseless pride and arrogance that is blind of any early signs of failing).  It also takes an even greater courage to admit to the inevitable failure after an extensive effort and a far greater courage to reflect and pick up bits and pieces of learning along the failed journey.  No amount of money can equally trade for the lessons learned and experienced on failures.  No amount of money can be equivalent to the personal growth and future successes that can be attributed to the lessons learned from failures.

It might be noteworthy to mention two common relational failures majority of us in any stages of life experience and learn from- the failed romantic relationship and the failed friendship.  Either one of these two relationships when failed become a great teacher where we learn more about ourselves emotionally and more of our deep seated core values.  Through these relationship failures we understand ourselves better and the life environment that we are happy with and can thrive almost effortlessly from within.

Live and learn.  Somewhere in the living and the learning is the failing.  Failure is just another channel of learning.  Continue anyway.  Profit yourself from learning.  Go live.  Go learn. 

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