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Do our choices form our behavior pattern or is it our behavior pattern that makes us choose what we choose?  Is it our choices first then behavior next or is it the environmentally designed behavior first and from which we draw our choices? 

I will say there is truth to both- our behavior and choices evolve and are influenced by each other. Our behavior is the cumulative effect of our past choices.  It is our way of conduct, to our self and everyone around us.  Our behavior is our position and from which our choices are made.  As an evolving phenomenon our behavior to something or towards someone could differ with time. Our choices and decisions over similar situations can vary over time depending on our experiences of the outcome of choices.  As our choices evolve so is our behavior and vice versa.

Some studies on human behavior show that a great majority of people can be classified into 4 basic personality behaviors: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting and envious.  Many people if not everyone can identify with each of those behaviors at some point in their life.

When you are optimistic you are overall grateful, self-motivated, cheerful and joyful as opposed to the pessimistic behavior where the person is focused on what can go wrong in a situation.  A pessimistic behavior handicaps the person with the fear of failing.  When things in the end work out, a pessimistic person would be surprised and would ask why and how.

As a pattern of behavior a trusting person is able and ready to give trust first (and incrementally over time).  A trusting person would bring his/her best to the negotiation table trusting that the opposite side would do the same. While a trusting person wants the best for others, this is not the case for a behaviorally envious person.  An envious person judges others negatively (this is not to be mistaken with a person giving an honest feedback).  An envious person would withhold from giving a sound advice in fear of being ultimately outdone.

There could be many more behavior patterns some other studies may tell us but in the end our choices of actions can be specified under two basic behavior patterns- love and fear.

Making choices is making decisions and we are tasked to do it every day. Many choices occurring daily are almost subconsciously made but there are choices that put us to the test and has become very revealing of our core value and our inner strength.  These are the life altering decisions where we need to choose between what we want to draw in or remove from in our life.

A study of human anatomy speaks of human cells being in either defense mode or in growth mode.  Such cells cannot be in both places at once.  The same thing can be said with human behavior pattern when making life changing choices- you can either be coming from the position of fear (your defense mode)  or the position of love (your growth mode), you cannot be in both places at once, it’s one or the other.  A person in the position of fear would make a choice for the reason of surviving; a person in the position of love would make a choice for the reason of further thriving.  A person of fear doesn’t like change; a person of love doesn’t run away from possibilities of change-a person in the position of love is conducive to growth.  (Change doesn’t always mean growth but growth always involves change). Making choices based on what you DO NOT want to happen are making choices from fear.  Making choices based on what you DO want to happen are making choices from love (and faith).

Find love.  Life and wisdom are in the ways of love.  When you find love follow its ways.  Choose in the direction where love can be found.

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