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Dear Someone

Dear Someone is the Wise SocieTee's global service of friendship.  All of us being all part of one human race care for mostly the same things in life and long for many of the same foundations of human emotions.

Wise SocieTee has a dedicated Dear Someone team whose combined life experiences and insights make each member of the team able to sincerely empathize and freely speak of their opinions in a compassionate nonjudgmental manner.


Dear Someone is a friend anonymous.  No one from the Dear Someone team is an accredited certified life counselor- nonetheless every advice seeking letter is received and given exceeding thought, presence and attention a true friend would to another friend.

There is wisdom in every human experience and Wise SocieTee exists to inspire and to serve.  One way we achieve this part of our mission is by making letters and communications in this section available to the online communities worldwide.  If you aim your letter to be fully private and unpublished please say distinctly.  Unless openly stated, Wise SocieTee reserves full copyright including all commercial rights 

over every letter received and stories shared through this section.  All and every advice and opinions provided through this segment are the unequivocal intellectual rights reserved for and by the Wise SocieTee company and cannot be used outside this platform unless granted and permitted in writing by the Wise SocieTee's administering body.

Let us connect, help and inspire one another.  Let's find strength in each other's vulnerabilities.  Your Dear Someone team is here to listen.  You can reach us by emailing:

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