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Choose Happy


Choose to be happy- why not?

If it is one among your choices why wouldn't you- but is it?

Maybe the better question to ask is "do you acknowledge that being happy is a choice available for you in all your circumstances?" If you do, would you choose to be happy? And always?

Joy and happiness many times are interchangeably used but they are not the same. One is situationally and conditionally dependent-happiness that is- while the other is freedom from within and independent of the externals- joy that is. Happiness is a state of being when someone's external things and conditions are working harmoniously together i.e. when a good paying job is stable, when paychecks more than cover all the bills, when everyone in the family is healthy and on and on- people found in these pleasant conditions may consider themselves happy.

Being joyful is different.

Being in the state of joy is not something someone can work for to achieve, rather it is something that someone freely receives in the act of surrender. While happiness is something one may desire and determine to work for to achieve, joy is a free gift one receives in the act of willing surrender. It is in this surrender that our hearts open up to free itself of the internal undesirable roomers.  As we yield- joy as a new state of being will inhabit, and that in its own divine power will expand and overflow to ultimately defeat any powers of and from the beastly externals.

You can be joyful and therefore happy or you can be just happy but not joyful or you can be neither.

In the darkest days of the Covid 19 pandemic, those who were joyful at heart remained still and did not lose in their countenance the aura of hope and good cheer but those who were happy on the external stabilities noticeably lost their earlier aura of well-being.

Can you actually choose to be happy under all your circumstances? Sure you can- in the inside out order. From inward joy flows an outward happiness.  It is in the in- dwelling of joy that happiness will no longer be a pursuit but a daily redemptive expression of a living rejoicing overflowing from within. 

When you have joy, you've already chosen to be happy and happy you will be both in the good and the challenging times. 

Choose joy!

Stay happy!

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