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They are two for a reason-reinforcement.

This hearty brainy-brainy hearty tee edition we call boosted explores on the idea of synergetic harmony of human's two very important organs- the heart and the brain.

Ideally, we want our emotionally feeling heart give life and spirit to our logic processing brain and we want our reasoning brain inject more intelligence into our emotion feeling heart. One reinforcing the other and vice versa. In so doing we can realize a more superior wholeness of our being.

Is it possible?



By allowing.

There is a heart intelligence which is a flow of awareness, understanding and intuition and there is a brain intelligence which is a general mental ability for reasoning and learning.. Your heart and your brain are twin partners in life that one cannot exist without the other not only medically but more so as a whole and living being- one with soul and spirit.

By allowing each and both, I believe one can surely live a happier and more fulfilled life. Let's begin allowing from the heart. Allow your emotions to emerge. Allow your raw feelings and sentiments reveal what your self is truly and deeply longing for. Suppressing your true emotions is a disservice to your brain.

Science tells us that our brain has a part called the limbic system that plays a major role in our emotional experience and expressions. It is this limbic system of the brain that enables us to communicate our emotional responses.

It is my assumption that repressing emotions and not being genuine with your inner sentiments are sure paths to breaking a spirit, devaluing a soul while also being able to exist and survive in inauthenticity - this is a sad way to live day by day.

Allow your heart to feel your raw emotions.

Allow your raw emotions send their bona fide signals to the brain.

Allow your brain to receive, process and reinforce the sentiment experience.

Allow your entire being experience the sentiment.

Live your heart!  Allow your heart to be brain boosted!

Live brain happy! Allow your brain to be heart boosted!

Be one whole happy being!

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