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Ageing is not for sissies.  Before a person is called an elderly this person would have gone through diverse life challenges and have come out a winner multiple times.  For all the growth and life learning in their 20s-30s-40s-50s-60s and longer our elderly can brag about- we take our hats off to you!

Now approaching the later years of life, some might be more interestingly looking for the right person to spend their rest of life with.  Is there anyone more right than yourself?

The one person you will definitely be spending the rest of your life with is “you.”

Invest in yourself (more intently).  Become the person you would love to spend the rest of your life with.

We tend to look for someone that possesses qualities we want to grow old with.   We want someone that appreciates us totally including our flaws.  It certainly is a good thing when there is someone appreciating us entirely yet self-appreciation is something that we can (and we should) give to ourselves authentically.  We want someone that loves us or will love us unconditionally, this too we should be able to give to ourselves first before we can receive it generously from others including the significant other.

Age gracefully.  Clearly there are inevitable changes as we age and not all are aesthetically pleasing yet still many other changes as we age are worth embracing when we look at them as beautiful marks of our earlier years.

Celebrate yourself (alone or with someone).  Hold dear every mark of life stages you walked through.  Whatever your ideas of a person you would love to spend the rest of your life with- you can become that person.

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